2017 Beaded Sculpture- apoxie sculpt, found objects, seed beads, bugle beads, acrylic gems and teeth, solder


two faced baby seal

Beaded Sculpture- Baby doll parts, apoxie sculpt, seed beads, solder

This little guy lives in London with the McCarricks, two FABULOUS Musicians. Check out their amazing cello and violin compositions plus dark films at House Of McCarrick

Baby Chicken

This is my most recently finished beaded piece. He is made with a thrift shop baby doll head, a chicken dog toy, a recycled wooden plant box, apoxie sculpt clay, and is covered in size 11 seed beads.

Baby Chicken, Kiny McCarrick mixed media sculpture – 2015

Baby Chicken (2 of 8)Baby Chicken (3 of 8)Baby Chicken (4 of 8)Baby Chicken (6 of 8)


Skull Horse

I’m focusing only on beaded sculpture right now. I put off beadwork for years because I was getting tired of the flat 2d box I felt I was in. Sculpture has solved that. It is pure pleasure to create and I’m very inspired.

This one is created with found objects, seed beads, apoxie sculpt clay, a raccoon skull and solder.

Skull Horse